Vertex’s focus is on providing superb services to our patients and customers in a cost effective manner. Our dedication is to our therapists and the patients they serve. We aim to provide outstanding quality service with strong support and education to in-house staff.

Vertex was founded in early 2005 with an eye on becoming a Southern California contractor of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to rehab, nursing companies, hospitals, and other organizations throughout Southern California. It aims to promote its mission of individualized care catered to promote patient happiness and well-being.

Meet The Staff



Bruce Berard is the co-founder of Vertex Healthcare Solutions, Inc. and currently serves as the organization’s CEO. A California native and life-long resident, Bruce is known for his extensive positive community involvement in Ventura County. A licensed physical therapist assistant since 1978, Bruce embraces the concept of evidence-based medicine, compassion, integrity, and commitment based patient satisfaction into his daily practice. Bruce’s interest in physical therapist began in the 1970’s while he was working as an athletic trainer at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Ca. Bruce witnessed the gravity and debilitating injuries that come with playing sports. Working alongside several sports physical therapists, he saw the healing process first hand. It was then that the love of Physical Therapy would begin, the seed was planted, and Bruce soon began a physical therapy educational program. It was during his various clinical rotations that his interest in sports medicine changed. Bruce had witnessed the caring, compassionate, and needed area of geriatrics. There was nothing more satisfying than assisting someone to become independent again, improving their quality of life. It was then that he found his true calling. Bruce was quickly recognized by his peers for outstanding achievement in working with geriatric patients with disabilities. In the past 38 years since graduation, Bruce has treated and managed thousands of orthopedic and geriatric patients in various settings including inpatient, outpatient, home health, and long- term facilities. Bruce has been involved in many Ventura County events, providing instructional seminars, performing fall risk prevention screenings, and participating in community outreach activities through the local senior centers and assisted living facilities. He continues to further his knowledge through continuing education in the area of geriatrics.

Neal Gandhi, COO


Mr. Gandhi has enjoyed a life-long passion for the physical therapy fields and has had experience at some of the most prominent hospitals throughout his career. Neals professional career and quick rise in the Occupational Therapy field began after his graduation in the Occupational Therapy Program in St. Louis. It did not take long for others in the field to take notice of Neals early success, hard work, and impassioned ambition. After only over a year of experience, Mr. Gandhi was recruited by well renowned Presbyterian Hospital where he was given a major role in occupational therapy management. By the age of 25, Neal Gandhi was again recruited by a major rehabilitation company where he was promoted to Upper Management of Rehabilitation. His responsibilities now had him overseeing the Departments of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. As the Coordinator of Rehabilitation, Neal took an active role in ensuring that his elderly patients get the treatment they deserve. He advocated for the best treatment with insurance companies because he knew how much of a difference in quality of life the right treatment could make. Neals hard work and care for all of his patients earned Neal various awards for quality care in therapy keeps a good rapport with 3rd party payors.

In 2005, Neal’s continued growth, experience and success in the rehabilitation/ OT field led him to start his own company. He founded his own company on the idea of assisting elderly patients in getting quality care, improving their quality of life, and advocating for his patients entitlements. Mr. Gandhi also became involved in helping elementary school children with various physical and cognitive disabilities. As CEO/President of his company, he took real pride and joy in helping low income children often going above and beyond his responsibilities to ensure the children receive the best care. Mr. Gandhi drove over 100 miles (50 miles each way) every day in order to meet the growing needs of the children where they lack of properly trained physical therapy professionals created an unmet need for many of the low-income children living there. Mr. Gandhi knew he had the skills and ability to help those low income children in need; many of whom would not receive the proper care had he not taken on these added responsibilities. Neal continues to take on added responsibilities, which also include servicing outpatient facilities, in order to feed his passion for helping those in need of help on the road to recovery.

Neal has effectively managed his numerous responsibilities and continues to be a vocal advocate for all of his patients. Neals strong work ethic is based on a solid foundation of leading by example, effectively managing his employees and time, and above all providing the utmost quality of patient care that all of his patients have grown to expect from him. Today, Neal Gandhi strives to continue his focus and passion on finding ways to help patients recover from their ailments so they can live a useful life and exercise their independence to the best of their ability.

Ron Wall, QAO


Ron has over 30 years experience in long term care having been an administrator, corporate consultant, compliance officer, contract therapy provider. Currently he provides consultation to several operators on operations and Medicare reimbursement. He has been able to overturn over 1,000 Medicare denials of payment.


“I am so glad I found VERTEX. The therapy here is very different from the therapy I have received elsewhere. At VERTEX you have enough one-on-one time with your therapist to discuss your current injury status, and what changes need to be made to continue your progress to health. I also found the therapist constantly alters your exercises & treatment as needed. Therefore, I continued to improve and did not plateau as I did with other treatment styles.”

-Delores Limon

“A great service to those of us who have suffered some injury of have an on-going issue. I am so grateful for new ways of approaching our physical needs! Thanks.”



“In my first meeting with my therapist at Vertex I was impressed by her knowledge, her positive attitude, and her ability to listen to and respond to my concerns…I have recommended Vertex to friends and will continue to do so. I am very pleased with the progress I have made in my short 7 weeks there.”



“Everyone at Vertex was very professional and courteous. This particular type of therapy was new to me. I was very skeptical at first. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I began to feel better. I would like to thank the staff for their help.”



“Vertex has helped me in my recovery when no one else was able to. I am forever grateful to everyone there for the support, care and treatment I received.”



“I was extremely satisfied with my entire experience. The team were all very qualified and helped in refinements of exercises. It seemed that everyone had an individual program that was adjusted to each individual and changed as they progressed …”


“Thank you for all your help during my recoveries. You all went above and beyond your duties and your individual concern for me was wonderful!”



“Thank you for your kind, professional and skilled care. I appreciated that my opinions were considered in my care as well as your sensitivity. Im hopeful and excited to continue getting better.”



“I cannot praise Vertex enough. I came with severe impairment in my hip, frightened because for 2 years I had tried various therapies, only to see my condition worsen. The treatments and workout prescriptions I received fixed my hip and 1 year later it is still 100%.”



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