A relationship with Vertex delivers exclusive access to some of the most well reputed industry specialists. With a reputation of industry leading care and implementation of innovative programs that work, our team of clinical and operational experts are well prepared to exceed your expectations. Vertex specializes in Medicare utilization, ongoing compliance, nursing education, and collaboration with managed care programs.

Compliance Programs

Our detailed compliance program ensures you are well prepared and protected against potential Medicare audits. Vertex promotes proactive therapy that is justified by all Medicare regulations. We have always met the Medicare criteria for skilled care which allows our facilities to maintain above exceptional Medicare compliance. Our management team consists of specialists in that have had essential experience working as claim reviewers for skilled nursing part A and B services. Our extensive experience and 100% success rate in defending against RAC audits or denials to ensure full profit optimization. Vertex can optimize reimbursement through our knowledge of Medicare, PDPM, or ORBA regulations. In addition, we provide extensive nursing training on Medicare criteria.

Claim Optimization

We can optimize reimbursement through our knowledge of Medicare / PDPM regulations & other third party reimbursement. Our adherence to Medicare requirements for skilled care enables us to fully optimize revenues. Our detailed and organized record management programs provide you the tools necessary to support and justify reimbursement from various payers. In addition, comprehensive accumulation of records and results allow us to constantly benchmark ourselves against national, state, and local averages to ensure top-tier industry clinical outcomes.

Joint Marketing

Vertex aims to improve your facility’s reputation with its big emphasis on its personalized marketing strategies. Our aggressive marketing programs reach out to our large network of patients, physicians, case managers, and local hospitals. Our market position and experience allows us to implement a multi-faceted marketing strategy. We collaboratively build our brands together through a diverse set of platforms. We use traditional networking, fliers, and e-mail/web to constantly promote our customers. We believe in not only building our company and brand, but also those who we partner with. We want to grow together and provide long term stability and trust with all of our customers.

Long Term Care

We are experts in Long Term Care reimbursement and billing solutions. Our compliance and reimbursement specialists have experience in optimizing the reimbursements that are available. We ensure all procedures and paper work are compliant so that treatment is properly planned, executed, and compensated for.

Therapy Services

We know how difficult the current regulatory environment is. Guidance is integral to success in the current market and we can provide clinical training and on-going compliance oversight to help you reach your potential. We can be a low-cost and can provide the crucial guidance necessary to ensure the success of your therapy practice.

Outpatient Clinic Development

Our industry knowledge and proven track record can aid you during your outpatient clinic development to ensure certification, compliance, and reimbursement. We provide proper extensive training, budget planning, strategic planning, and compliance oversight so that your clinic starts out in a position of strength and optimal care. Don’t worry about any learning curves, let Vertex’s consulting services guide you towards a long future of success.

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